Our Catgirl Mission and Values
Our Mission: The Catgirl Team values real world usage when it comes to Cryptocurrency. We want Catgirl to stand out from the rest, and to have purpose. Our aim is to bring awareness to NFTs and their diverse and engaging market, while also allowing our holders to use our coin in an entertaining way.
Our Vision: The anime world is massive and thriving, with a heavy internet presence. We want Catgirl to be the first Crypto brand to bring the anime world, and NFT market together. It's the perfect combination!
CAT Values:
    C: Curiosity - The team are as curious as a cat, always wanting to learn, to help make Catgirl the best it can be.
    A: Act - We will not stop working and putting our full effort in, until we reach our vision.
    T: Trust - We want to ensure trust between our team members, and community.
Last modified 3mo ago
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