LP Staking
Staking refers to the process of locking up your Cryptocurrency in return for rewards. This is no different in the Catgirl Coin project. The Liquidity Pool token of the CATGIRL-WBNB pair, can be staked to earn $PAW.
$PAW are non-transferable tokens within the Catgirl LP Staking Contract. $PAW cannot be purchased. They are meant to reward holders for their contributions to the Catgirl Coin project. $PAW has several utilities, please refer to the $PAW page for more details.
Staking rate: TBD

Is there a staking period?

There is no staking period, a user can stake as long as they want

Is there any fee when I deposit and withdraw my staking position?

No, you are free to deposit and withdraw at any time.
Last modified 3mo ago