Product Preview
Hey everybody, the Catgirl team has been hard at work finalizing the mockups for our Dapp. We would like to share these designs below. Data on the mockups are placeholder and are subject to change.

Let's take a look at that Hub homepage πŸ‘€

The homepage of the hub is where we hope to give our users an introduction to our basic application concepts, as well as get them started with the mystery boxes.
Catgirl Hub Homepage

We need dark mode right meow! πŸ•ΆοΈ

Oh yes, the Catgirl Hub app will be fitted with a beautiful dark mode, for all those dark mode enthusiasts. How paw-some is that?

What you've all been waiting for, the Airdrop page

All Catgirls on this screen belong to Season One and are not included in the Airdrop. They are simply used to demo where the Airdrop Catgirls will appear. As you can see there will be a nifty little countdown timer on the header, as well as the page itself for everybody to check.
Airdrop Page

Common Mystery Box page

Keeping design elements consistent with the airdrop page, this will be the main page to buy Mystery Boxes for Season 1.

Let me get a closer look at that Catgirl!

Yes, of course, we want to see more of our Catgirl. When clicking the "View" button on the Catgirl's card, you will get a popup displaying the Catgirl's potential Nya Score, their cute little bio, as well as how many others own this Catgirl.

Let me open a Mystery Box! πŸ“¦

Let's take a look at the Mystery Box opening UI.

The most exciting part, seeing which Catgirl you got!

After opening the box, you will get a reveal of the Catgirl obtained.

End screen

After opening all of your Mystery Boxes, a screen will show displaying all of your Catgirls that have found a new home.

Your profile

This is where you can preview all of your obtained Catgirls and your Catgirl balance.


That's all for now, but please be sure to stay tuned as we will update the Product Development section with the latest updates, etc. Some newer updates may be posted to our Twitter.

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