👋    ‎ Catgirl Coin Introduction
The ultimate Anime Cryptocurrency. Catgirl plans to take a lead in the Crypto space, by utilizing anime trends and gamification.
Catgirl Coin was officially launched on May 31st. Our team had spent a long time brain storming and researching what we could bring to the Cryptocurrency market, that other Cryptocurrencies have not done before. That's when we realized the the NFT market was virtually untouched when it comes to anime-related content. The anime world has a massive presence on the internet, and the amount of fun and engaging content that we will bring to the table is endless. This is why Catgirl came to life, and all of our goals and dreams were set into place.
Since launch on May 31st, the Catgirl team had been working with talented artists, voice actors, popular music creators to create a well-known established brand. Our community has been growing rapidly ever since. We are now launching our new website and Dapp on October 21st. This announcement showed how much support Catgirl Coin has from the community, with the charts growing, and new users from all over the world flooding in to experience CATGIRL's ecosystem, The Nekoverse.
What Catgirl aims to be:
  • Beautiful NFT Artwork by our top-tier selected artists: We take our time to select only professional and talented artists, to ensure that our NFTs are top-notch.
  • An NFT platform that is sustainable in the long term: By applying the latest blockchain technology, combined with the popularity of the anime world, we aim to create an entertaining platform that can generate a large stream of benefits and entertainment for its users.
  • Sponsoring anime conventions, exhibitions, or publications: We plan to contribute and create even better brand awareness by participating in public anime-related events.
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